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Love Status In English :Hello Friends Today i am back again new lovely update and top collection love status for you. you can also help full this status you can send your GF ,wife and your dream girl, you can easily impress to your friends . Status Collection


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Love Status In English

  • Luv Is That ,Which Can Never Explained.
  • I love you to the infinity and beyond!!!
  • The Heart That Loves, Stays Always Young.
  • You Are The Light Of My Life. I Love You!
  • When I Think About U…I Don’T Feel So Alone….
  • The Good Things In Life Are Better With You!
  • Every Time I See U I Fall In Love All Over Again
  • The Quickest Way To Receive Love Is To Give Love.
  • I Love You, Because You Are The Lover Of My Soul!
  • You Have No Idea How My Heart Races When I See You.
  • I’M Permanently In Love With You, Always And Forever.
  • There’S Only 1 Thing 2 Do 3 Words 4 You – I Love You.
  • Love’S Gift Cannot Be Given… It Waits To Be Accepted.
  • The Only Reward For Love Is The Experience Of Loving.

Love Status For Wife

  • Love Is Like Air… We Can’T See It, But We Can Feel It…
  • Every Love Story Is Beautiful But Ours Is My Favorite!
  • My Dear One, Your Happiness Is More To Me Than Anything.
  • Love Is That Which Can Makes You Smile When You’Re Tired!
  • Love Is Like A Air.. We Can’T See It But! We Can Feel It..
  • Being In Love With You Makes Every Day An Interesting One.
  • You Are My Second Weird Half, I Love Going Crazy With You.

  • Time Goes By A Very Slow When You Miss Someone Who Love You.
  • Two Souls Share A Single Thought As Both Hearts Beat As One.
  • I Wonder What Happens When Doctor’S Wife Eats An Apple A Day…
  • Once You Have Learned To Love. You Will Have Learned To Live.
  • People That Change Love Status After 30 Sec… Gf Is The Reason…
  • No One Realizes The Beauty Of Love, Until You’Re Caught In It.
  • The Key Of Your Yes Can Unlock The Smile Locked Under My Lips.
  • And In Her Smile I See Something More Beautiful Than The Stars.
  • A Hundred Hearts Would Be Too Few To Carry All My Love For You.
  • I Love You More Than Coffee, But Please Don’T Make Me Prove It.
  • I Love You Because You Believe In My Goodness Even When I Don’T.
  • True Love = No Doubts + No Jealousy + No Worries = Life Is Good.
  • Love The Guy Who Love To Spoil Your Lipstick Not Your Eyeliner.

Love Status For GF

  • Better To Be Alone Than Being With Some1 Who Makes U Feel Alone!
  • Love Is The Only Thing That Control Every Single Emotion You Have.
  • All, Everything That I Understand, I Only Understand Because I Love
  • You Have Bewitched Me, Body And Soul, And I Love… I Love… I Love You.
  • There Isn’T One Person In The World That I Want More Than I Want You.
  • Doing Nothing Is Very Hard Thing To Do…You Never Know When To Finish.
  • I Love You No Matter What You Do, But Do You Have To Do So Much Of It?
  • I Want To Be In Your Arms, Where You Hold Me Tight And Never Let Me Go.
  • Absence Makes The Heart Fonder? Of Somebody Else. Happy Valentines Day
  • Love Is That Which Can Not See The Religious, Caste, Rich, Poor In Life…
  • Love Is That Which Can Not See The Religious, Caste, Rich, Poor In Life..
  • A Flower Cannot Blossom Without Sunshine, And Man Cannot Live Without Love.
  • If You Were Thinking About Someone ,While Studying You’Re Definitely In Luv…
  • I Love You Baby. You’Re So Amazing That I Can’T Picture My Life Without You.
  • She Left Me Alone And She Is Living Alone…. Come Together Just Live Forever…
  • I Love You Because I Know No Matter What Happens, You’Ll Always Love Me Back.
  • Love Doesn’T Make The World Go ’Round. Love Is What Makes The Ride Worthwhile.
  • Insomnia Can Be A Blessing If You Have Someone To Talk With, The Whole Night..
  • I Love To Cry In The Rain Because That’S The Only Time No One Can Hear The Pain.
  • My Search To Tavern Ended , I Found Myself Inebriated By Your Intoxicating Eyes
  • Now And Forever. These Are The Two Things I Think About When I Say “I Love You”.
  • I Don’T Understand Why Life Keeps Trying To Teach Me Lessons I Don’T Want To Learn.
  • If I Know What Love Is, It Is Because Of You. Please Be With Me And Love Me Always.
  • I Don’T Have A Girlfriend. But I Do Know A Woman Who’D Be Mad At Me For Saying That.
  • I Have 1% Battery Left. Whoever Calls Me Or Sends Me A Message Will Become My Enemy.
  • I Swear I Couldn’T Love You More Than I Do Right Now, And Yet I Know I Will Tomorrow.

Love Wishes For GF

  • I Only Pretend To Work. They Pretend To Pay Me For It. We Don’T Like To Talk About It.
  • I Would Rather Share One Lifetime With You Than Face All The Ages Of This World Alone.
  • I Love Everything That’S Old, – Old Friends, Old Times, Old Manners, Old Books, Old Wine. Love Status In English
  • I Don’T Like Waiting, I’M So Impatient. But I’Ll Wait Forever, As Long As I End Up With U.
  • Just Pitch The Assess Of Love Into The Ashes Yet Love Fully To Access The Apex Of Ecstasy!
  • My Biggest Concern In Life Is Actually How My Online Friends Can Be Informed Of My Death..!!
  • I Love You For All That You Are, All That You Have Been, And All That You Are Yet To Become.
  • Your Laughter Drew Me To You, But Your Caring Heart Is Why I Want To Spend Forever With You.
  • Perfection And Imperfection Are One In The Same. I Love You Perfectly In My Own Imperfect Way.
  • Thinking Of You Keeps Me Awake. Dreaming Of You Keeps Me Asleep. Being With You Keeps Me Alive.
  • Love Is Like A Rubber Band Held At Both Ends By Two People, When One Leaves It Hurts The Other.
  • When You Say ‘I Love You’, You Are Making A Promise With Someone Else’S Heart. Try To Honor It.
  • Life Can Give Us Lots’ Of Beautiful Persons, But Only One Person Is Enough For A Beautiful Life…
  • I Want You. All Of You. Your Flaws. Your Mistakes. Your Imperfections. I Want You, And Only You.
  • Being Deeply Loved By Someone Gives You Strength, While Loving Someone Deeply Gives You Courage.
  • You Are That Women Of My Life Who Is The Reason Of My Success Instead Of The Reason Of Any Worry.
  • There Is No Right Or Wrong Place For Love. It Kind Of Just Happens, And Then You’Re Stuck With It.
  • All Relationships Have One Law. Never Make The One You Love Feel Alone, Especially When You’Re There.
  • Immature Love Says: ‘I Love You Because I Need You.’ Mature Love Says ‘I Need You Because I Love You.
  • One Day I Caught Myself Smiling For No Reason, Then I Realized That I Was Thinking Of You. My Sweetie.
  • When A Girl Is In Love, You Can See It In Her Smile, When A Guy Is In Love You Can See It In His Eyes!
  • I Love You For You. This I Know Is True. But I Love You Forever, This Is Something I Feel In My Heart.
  • To Meet You Was Fate. To Become Your Friend Was Choice. Falling In Love With You Was Out Of My Control.
  • Love Is Of All Passions The Strongest, For It Attacks Simultaneously The Head, The Heart And The Senses.
  • Love Is Like A Rubber Band, When Both Can Stretch ,And Then One Can Release Then It Can Heart The Other!
  • Love Is Like A Rubber Band, When Both Can Stretch ,And Then One Can Release Then It Can Heart The Other!
  • If You Live To Be A Hundred, I Want To Live To Be A Hundred Minus One Day So I Never Have To Live Without You.
  • The Biggest Thing In My Life Right Now Is My Girlfriend. I Love This Girl. I Know I Love Her Because She Told Me.
  • When Two People Share A Strong Bond, No Matter What Happens, The Universe Will Always Find A Way To Bring Them Together.Love Status In English
  • Love Is Just Love. No Matter How Much You Want To Explain It, Love Will Always Remain A Mystery Until You Experience It.
  • Give Me A Kiss And I Will Serenade You Among The Stars, Give Me Your Love And I Will Pluck Each Star To Lay At Your Feet.
  • I Don’T Know Where I’M Gonna Be Five Years From Now, But I Pray To God It’S Somewhere With A Beautiful View And Beside You.
  • Love Is Not A Sprint. The Strongest, Most Beautiful Love Is Love That Has Been Through A Marathon And Still Stays Together.
  • I Will Take All The Bricks And Write “I Miss You” On Them. Then I’Ll Throw Them At You So You’Ll Know How Much It Hurts!!!Love Status In English
  • Don’T Confuse My Personality And My Attitude. My Personality Is Who I Am, But My Attitude Completely Depends On Who You Are.
  • There’S No Love Like Your Love And No Other Could Give More Love, There Is Nowhere Unless You Are There All The Time…All The Way.
  • Our Love Is A Mysterious Bond That Cannot Be Broken, And Will Be Ignited For Eternity, Through All Battles And Struggles We May Face.
  • What Is Love? In Math, It’S An Equation. In Chemistry, It’S A Reaction. In History, It’S A War. In Art, It’S A Heart. In Me, It’S You.
  • I Could Never Say How Much I Like You, And Just How Special You Are To Me. But I Can Say That My World Is All Smiles Whenever I Am With You. I Love You A Lot.
  • Maybe It’S Too Early To Say I Love You, But I Can’T Keep It A Secret. I’Ve Never Felt This Perfectly Happy, And I Wanted You To Know That You’Re The Reason Why.
  • Can We Come Together One Night And Surrender Our Rights And Wrongs? Let Each Other Slip Into One Another’S Arms And Complete Ourselves With The Blissful Feeling Of Our Love.
  • I Pray Every Night That You Will Be Here Someday. Tonight, I Will Count All Of The Stars In The Sky And Hope That When I Close My Eyes, You Will Once Again Be Right By My Side.

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